Soil Yards

Our Soil Yards in Horsham & Murtoa carry a wide range of competitively priced landscaping materials.

Horsham office

36 Kenny Road, Horsham, Vic 3400.

Phone 5382 0687.

Town delivery is free of charge.

Our range includes

Redgum Chips Cottage Mulch
Mushroom Compost Potting Mix
Planting Compost Redwood Mulch
Blackwood Mulch Sandstone
Great Western Gravel Gre Gre gravel
Fine Sand Bricky Sand
Coarse Sand Granitic Sand
Sandy Loam Topsoil
Mixed Garden Soil Vege Mix
Fill Material Manure
Quartz Rocks Quartz Pebbles - various sizes
Tuscan Pebbles - various sizes Lilydale Topping
Concrete Mix Aggregate - various sizes
Quarry Dust Crushed Rock - various grades
56mm Ballast 250mm> Beeching Rock
Gypsum Red Scoria - various sizes
Black Scoria Bags of Cement
Bags of Lime Bags of Rapid Set Cement
Concrete Pipes Concrete Distribution Pits
Concrete Septic Tanks - 3300 & 1800 litre capacity
Weed Mat - 900mm & 1.8 metre wide rolls, cut to length or in full rolls